We've scoured the internet and our treasured memories for the most epic, jaw-dropping, and all-round best MMO game trailers ever. And boy were we spoiled for choice. MMORPGs, perhaps more than any other genre, are incentivised to show off a rich living world and there is no better place to do that than a trailer. Without further ado, enjoy the best MMO game trailers of all time:

EVE Online - "This is EVE" Trailer

Over the years, EVE has released some excellent cinematic trailers. Like this one for their Gateway Quadrant or the videos made for each of the regions and races in New Eden. We particularly like Minmatar's propaganda video:

But for us, none of these can compare to CCP Games’ perfectly named “This is EVE” trailer released in 2014. It utilises real-life audio capture of players’ in-game recordings to highlight the excitement, nerves, strategy, tactics, and cooperation that gives EVE Online its magic. You can hear lines likes “We’re going to portal through while the triage carriers jump”, “I don’t think we can do this.” “Don’t worry about that!” and “Now we’re about to f*ing play some games.” And of course, there is plenty of footage of massive space battles juxtaposed with the quiet tension of trying to smuggle goods through pirate infested space. It truly captures everything about EVE that we love.

World of Warcraft - Cinematic Trailer

World of Warcraft’s cinematic trailer is a wonder of world building. It gives an introduction to the powers that be and the great heroes of the realms. The script writing is excellent; as is the narration. (They made the directorial decision to start with a woman’s gravelly tension-building voice, as you can see in this LOTRO trailer from the same year, it was a popular approach at the time). The execution is brilliant and the graphics should receive a whole lot of praise – especially when compared to similar trailers from the same year. Don’t believe us? Just look at the detail on that gigantic dwarven nose!

Moreover the trailer features plenty of compelling biomes and landscapes. The epic choral score provides a genuine build-up of tension and a looming sense of foreboding. Meanwhile, the climactic ending teases great conflict between everyone’s favourite races and classes, leaving viewers with the sense that the real action is about to begin.

DC Universe Online - Cinematic Trailer

“Call him! Bring him to me!” A blood curdling scream followed by the familiarly ominous red-eyed Superman appearing centre-stage. Anyone who has played the Injustice video games will be reminded of their equally off-the-rails superhero-turned-villain. Both the Injustice games and DCUO managed to create a Superman more believably terrifying than any of the Justice League movie attempts. Even the Snyder cut.

But the DCUO trailer offers plenty more to captivate their audience too; whether its Green Arrow’s broken ring, Deathstroke using Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth or indeed the death of several fan-favourite heroes. The trailer contains twists and turns, a great lurking threat, and a warning through time…all the good stuff needed to tantalise an audience. And sure, the graphics are a little dated. But hey, this trailer was released in 2010.

New World - Official Trailer

Amazon Games’ New World’s trailer is the only one from recent years to make it onto this list. After so long without a AAA MMORPG, players were dying for something new. So they were all waiting patiently to know the answer to the trailer’s thrice asked question, “What is Aeternum?” The answers provided by the trailer are enough to tempt anyone in: “The glory of triumph” “Life eternal” “Death incarnate” – then the trailer throws in a healthy dose of cannons, guns, and mystery…that was all we needed, we were hooked. The graphics are stunning too, especially the final clip of the trailer where a character explodes in a cloud of red electricity.

Elder Scrolls Online - Alliances Trailer

The Elder Scrolls Online’s Alliances trailer is the stuff of dreams. Starting with the smashing down of a vault door that’s subsequently partially illuminated by magic, Bethesda draws us into a deep dark underground world of growling bloodied beasts and heavy-set warriors. After two minutes, it’s revealed that this is only the beginning.

Above ground, a battle of godly proportions rages fiercely. The siege of a gigantic tower shows off rappelling climbers, stealthy surprise attacks, pulse-racing showdowns, and that unforgettable mechanical bridge riding scene. The trailer’s climactic ending features the three protagonists each showcasing their fighting styles of grace, strength, and magic in a symbollic circular showdown as war drums thump over the top.

What happens next of course, is equally if not more epic. But for that you’ll have to grab some popcorn and get stuck into the Elder Scrolls Online Three Fates supercut.

The Elder Scrolls Online Alliances trailer is truly exceptional, and we’d happily name it the best MMO trailer of all time, were it not for a galaxy far far away.

Star Wars - The Old Republic - All Trailers

Say what you will about SWTOR, their trailers are unrivalled. We’ll be returning to deal with trailers such as “Sacrifice” or “Betrayed” in a follow-up article on best MMO trailers for expansions and DLCs. But let’s take a look at the videos that initially got Star Wars fanboys like myself as excited as we were at the return of Revan.

The Old Republic trailers were released in three iterations.

First, there was “Return” which as well as some nostalgically charismatic smugglers, shows us an epic race against the clock – filled with sacrifice and last-minute escapes to give the republic a fighting chance. This is the Star Wars we all know and love, and it manages to convey an amazing amount of emotion and character for just a six-minute video.

Next, there was “Deceived” which shows the brutal return of the Empire in its full glory (and arguably more lightsabers than we’ve ever seen in one place). The fall of the republic seems very much at hand by the end of the four-minute video. This trailer showcases some of the finest lightsaber combat of any Star Wars media ever.

Finally, there was “Hope” – an Endor reminiscent forest battle in Alderaan - plucky resistance fighters gathering against unbeatable odds. Hope showcases how much a few brave folk can do, with a particularly cool scene being a trooper having a pretty solid single-handed crack at a Sith Lord. Rather than watching them all, we suggest you watch the following supercut:

Bonus: World of Warcraft - Mr T

There are some phenomenal World of Warcraft trailers out there; so much so that we’re consider another standalone article showcasing the best of them. Those trailers are full of epic cinematics of the game’s heroes battling it out in iconic locations or teaming up such as when Sylvanas and Varian fight an infernal on an airship falling from the sky. Those trailers are truly epic, but we’d argue that World of Warcraft’s best MMO trailer strikes a rather different tone. Enter Mr. T.

That’s right, Mr. T and his Night Elf Mohawk “hacking” World of Warcraft and giving those pesky trailer directors what for. It’s funny, it’s surprising, it’s self-aware, and it understands its fanbase. Ah those were the days, eh Activision Blizzard?

And let’s not forget the follow up trailers, which oddly, are even more amusing in French. The trailers featuring Chuck Norris aren’t too shabby either.

We hope you enjoyed this list of the best MMO game trailers ever. We only tackled the main trailers for MMORPGs here, and we'll be back with another article looking at the best trailers for MMO expansions and DLCs.

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