It's an unwritten law that your action combat MMO needs to have a class that wields guns in a world that otherwise makes use of melee weaponry and magic. The recently-released Cabal Online Force Gunner sticks to that tenant in the MMO's latest update.

cabal online force gunner

The Force Gunner is the headline feature of Cabal Online's latest free Episode XVII. The new class utilizes a variety of ballistic weapons and summons high-tech machines to the field in order to dish out ranged damage in fluid combinations.

In addition to the new class, Episode XVII will also provide new quality-of-live enhancements. A new expansion to equipment upgrading is being added, as well as new and returning damage buff skills for all of Cabal's classes.

Episode XVII is a free update now available for Cabal Online. More details on what the update brings can be found here, and a trailer showing off the new Force Gunner can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Seriously, what is it about action MMOs and gun-wielding classes? Regardless of the trope, the Force Gunner certainly looks like an interesting class, and another tier of equipment advancement should keep min-max players occupied. We hope players of Cabal Online take to the new update!

Source: press release

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