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ESTsoft Announces Cabal Online Steam Release

Were you missing this classic 2005 MMO? ESTsoft has made Cabal Online available through the Steam platform. Players can now download the game and all its recent updates for free via Steam.

The Cabal Online Steam release could be an incentive for new audiences to join the already thirty million players who have adventured in the real of Nevareth since the launch of the game. For returning players, it could be a nice trip down memory lane and an interesting change of pace from the more recent MMO alternatives.

Cabal Online 2


“We’re extremely proud of the evolution of CABAL Online and to introduce the CABAL experience to a new group of gamers in cooperation with Valve. The move to Steam brings a great opportunity to expand the CABAL community, which has become a global force, and offers us a new set of valuable opinions and feedback for further development of the CABAL experience. This is vital for any continuously evolving game.”

– Torin J. Ratowski, Management Unit Chief, ESTsoft, Inc.

Our Thoughts:

There’s nothing like the nostalgia of the first games we ever played, MMO or not. Cabal Online probably features in the pasts of many players as one of their first experiences with MMOs. And that sort of connection is really hard to beat. Will you be (re)installing Cabal Online?

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