Being a thrall to players in Conan Exiles has got to be a lot of work. The kind of work that develops a hunger frozen dinner sales thrive on. In Conan Exiles Update 34, those hungry thralls will now have to be contended with and a new religion can also be learned. By eating a werewolf, interestingly enough. Basically, this patch really needs food.

conan exiles update 34

The new religion in question is devoted to Jhebbal Sag, whose followers are about controlling and hunting beasts. Learning the religion is a matter of navigating the maze of the new Midnight Grove dungeon, defeating Jhebbal Sag's werewolf champion, and consuming its flesh. Advancement in this new religion yields rewards like unique lures to draw out beasts and the Claws of Jhebbal Sag weapon.

Speaking of consuming things for power, thralls will now have a hunger state that must be managed in order to keep them alive. According to the patch notes, this is meant to bring flavor (pun intended?) to thrall management, not grind, and the system has been tweaked via tester feedback in order to achieve this balance.

These updates are incidentally part of the upcoming Pet system, which will be released at a later date - possibly some time next week.

The patch has also brought a variety of new items, animation updates and gameplay changes. All of the hard details can be read here.

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Hungry Hungry Thralls!

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