Funcom developer Joel Bylos revealed a good deal of information about Conan Exiles in an interview with IGN. The new survival MMO will include some facets of the Conan universe which will come as no surprise to people who are familiar with the setting, including human sacrifice and nudity.

Conan Exiles

Human sacrifice and nudity are a part and parcel of the Conan universe. In Conan Exiles, players will be able to sacrifice captured opponents (Read: Other Players) to gods like Set or Mitra, though the exact in game purpose of this is not clear at the moment. Bylos also confirms in the interview that "Definitely there will be nudity on some level", but once again, what purpose this may serve in game (beyond deepening the Conanesque flavor) is currently unclear.

The interview did contain a good deal of more concrete information about the game, however, such as the fact that the action will take place in a 53 square kilometer map with no loading screens, and that this map will expand over time as the players build and explore. Combat will be first person, with "...heads flying, limbs flying" and that there will be coordinated threats against players from NPCs. Additionally, the game will be quite free form; players are free to pick up a sword and swing it after months of using an axe, for example, or to switch religions at their leisure.

Our Thoughts:

Funcom is really going all out to recreate a real Conan experience here, and to be honest, that's probably the best idea; if they're going to produce a survival game in a market already quite well supplied with them, you better make it a memorable one. Conan Exiles looks like it will be brutal and raw; diehard Conan fans would accept no less.

Source: IGN Interview