In its first post-launch update, MMORPGRTS Crowfall has called for all-out war. The Shadow is a new three-faction PvP world that does away with the pesky barrier of joining guilds. Allowing scrappy players to get stuck into the three-way brawl no matter their background. Wanton bloodshed is so egalitarian.

The Shadow is a brand new campaign world that allows players to join fast-paced and intensely competitive 3-faction campaign wars. For all intents and purposes, it follows the same structure as The Dregs. Conquest, defensible strongholds and territory control are the main challenges. But The Shadow will comprise free agents whose actions will change the outcome of the Campaign and the World.

The Shadow is one of the most exciting features in Crowfall because it empowers those players who are not in a guild to drive the moment-to-moment action of the fight based on their choices,” said J. Todd Coleman, ArtCraft co-founder and creative director, “They set their own path and choose their own strategy without the complexity or demands of a guild. For that reason, battles in The Shadow feel more exciting at an individual player level. You are living out your story and the outcome is squarely on your shoulders. Your actions can change the tide of battle at any second, and it does!”

“That level of agency we give individual players and small groups of players in this faction-based competition delivers an intense and meaningful experience for those who cannot yet compete in our guild vs. guild Dregs World campaigns,” added Gordon Walton, co-founder and executive producer. “We want Crowfall to serve all competitive players by giving them a venue in which to compete and triumph using their skills and strategies.”

Crowfall Update the Shadow

Crowfall Update Extra Features

There’s more than just a new PvP world introduced in the Crowfall update. Some refinements have also been added to enhance the overall experience, which are as follows:

Larger Dregs Map - An expanded map gives way to larger battles and greater opportunities.

Duelist, Assassin and Ranger Class Refinements - A greater focus on the unique abilities of these classes allows players to better strategise with their strengths.

New Elemental Enemies - Brand new Ice and Lightning Elementals have joined the aggressive denizens of Crowfall’s bestiary. And with new enemies comes even more tasty loot.

Performance Improvements - A substantial set of performance improvements will contribute to a much better framerate.

Major Refinements and Feature Fixes - The game’s items, environment pieces and crafting resources/interface elements have been improved with the Crowfall update. This also includes tuning for several classes and hundreds of fixes and updates across the game.

With Crowfall being so new, we wouldn’t blame you if you haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. So with this latest Crowfall update bringing so many improvements, we’d say now is a great time to give it a spin. In the meantime, keep an eye out for our own upcoming review of the title as well as an interview with Todd Coleman himself.

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