In what's likely considered one of the bigger updates to the sandbox MMO, ArcheAge 4.5 will let players hop onto the back of a dragon for transportation purposes and experience the game from the very beginning with two new progression servers.

Sub-titled Legends Return, ArcheAge 4.5 offers up one fresh start progression server each for the NA and the EU. These servers will have time-locked content and the expected low caps and systems from the game's original launch, with features such as castle sieges and hero elections arriving gradually afterwards.

For those who worry about initial economic rushes once these servers open, market restrictions will be in place at launch to ensure all players are on an even keel. Gear progress will also be restricted over several months in order to allow as many people as possible to reach cap before any increases.

The other headlining feature of this new update will show players how to train their dragon with the addition of dragon mounts. Players will work with Daru trainers to get items to raise and eventually mount a dragon, along with the ability to outfit their draconic horse with armor. A fully-featured questline involving the Red Dragon raid boss will also be part of the new feature.

Update 4.5 will also offer up a battle system update that will overhaul all skillsets and promises to shake up the MMO's meta; crafting requests that allow for direct transfer of items; destruction removal on crafted items; and new Shadow Invasion rift events that trigger when a major world boss dies for additional rewards.

All of these new features and servers will land on Thursday, April 5th.

Our Thoughts

The winds of nostalgia are sweeping over the MMO universe. We're sure that players of ArcheAge will look forward to the opportunity to start from the very beginning, but we're also glad that those invested in the game's current events are getting some neat stuff as well.

Source: press release

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