It seems like a fairly safe bet that the Neverwinter Druid class is heading to the MMO if the little teaser image is anything to go by. The game's official Twitter account has released a little piece of concept art that all but spells it out for us.

neverwinter druid class

The image was accompanied by the words "What manner of creatures stalk the wilds of these cursed lands?", which might indicate that the Druid class is going to be part of the upcoming Ravenloft module, which is just chock full of cursed lands.

Unfortunately, that's the only information that is available as of right now, so we'll just have to ponder what the Neverwinter Druid class will be capable of. Looking at the image a bit closer, it would seem that the class is capable of shapeshifting into some sort of tree creature, which would certainly fit with the archetypal fantasy Druid. Once there's more information, we'll be sure to report in.

Our Thoughts

If this is a tease, then Neverwinter isn't terribly good at it. That said, we're alright with not-great hints if it means we get to see a new class arrive to Neverwinter. It has been a pretty long time since the game has had a new class land so it's more than high time to see it happen.

Source: Twitter

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