Everquest II, sequel to one of the most legendary MMORPGs to be released, has unveiled its latest update. Dark magic is afoot in Everquest II: Toil & Trouble, with the latest chapter spawning new dungeons, collections and missions in the beloved fantasy title. And what is a fantasy setting without some witches causing mischief?

The new story introduces a secret society of witches and warlocks known as the Dreadfell Coven. Based in the Loping Plains’ village of Somborn, these shady enchanters have opened a portal to the Erudin experimental labs of Vasty Deep, located somewhere within Ultera. And, within these labs, abominable experiments and amoral magic thrive.

Their insatiable thirst for arcane knowledge has led the coven on a quest for more, no matter how morbid. And their hunt for dubious devices and doctrines has led them straight to these labs. Now it is up to the player to seek out the enigmatic Dr. Arcana to discover what adventures now await.

Of course, with new stories comes new content, and there’s plenty for players to sink their teeth into with Toil & Trouble. Check out what’s in store below:

Everquest II Update Features

New Dungeons

  • Raid Dungeon - Plane of Shadows Raid challenge.

  • Heroic and Solo Dungeons - Vasty Deep: Toil and Trouble.

New Missions

  • Solo daily missions and weekly missions available for Vasty Deep: Toil and Trouble.

  • Weekly Raid Challenge Missions.

Overland and City Additions

  • A new portal in Somborn in Loping Plains will provide dungeon access. Seek out Dr. Arcana to begin, but bear in mind players must be level 120 or above.

The latest Everquest II update is available to play now, so be sure to swing by the official website and get ready to confront the Coven. Only players with All Access membership can access this latest content, check out the perks of being an Everquest II member here.

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