In 2 days, Flyff will be exactly 10 years old! The iconic manga-style MMORPG is celebrating this special milestone with a bunch of events, including a level skip event and an experience increase event! If you've wanted to create a new character for a while, but didn't feel like going through the lower levels; now's your chance to do so. Be quick about it though, as the in-game events only last till the 5th of January, 2016 (UTC).

Flyff Celebrates 10th Anniversary

One of the celebrations comes in the form of a level skip event, which allows players to receive a free level boost for their characters. Players will be able to boost their characters directly to level 60, and will get them fully geared with weapons and armor. Both new players and those who haven't played the game in a while will not want to miss this chance to catch up quickly. In addition to this level skip event, players can get a 3x experience increase from December 25th through December 28th. And just for the anniversary on the 25th, players will get a whopping 10x experience increase for 10 minutes every hour. The 10-minute timeframe will be randomly chosen, so you cannot plan around it unfortunately.

For more information surrounding Flyff's 10th anniversary in-game celebration, make sure you visit the official Flyff website.

Our Thoughts

Has it already been 10 years of Flyff fun?! Time truly flies then. And what better time to give your community some lovely in-game events than the holiday season? It's almost like they planned their anniversary around this deliberately. Are we sensing a conspiracy?! No just kidding; congratulations Flyff!

Source: Press Release