Monster Hunter World is coming on 2018, this time making its way to the PS4, Xbox One, and of course the PC. Gone will be the days of actively looking for 'Monhun' clones to give us our hunting fix on the PC. Monster Hunter has garnered quite a cult following through the years, making us fall in love with the concept of taking down giant beasts and farming materials to strengthen our hunters. I do regret not playing it sooner and have only started my days as a hunter prior to the release of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for the Nintendo 3DS. It was fun teaming up with friends and taking on various monsters, gradually examining them for weaknesses and memorizing their respective patterns and mannerisms.

Monster Hunter is a game of precision, especially on the latter ranks where one mistake could spell doom for you and your party members. Every swing of the weapon would often feel like the last and must be executed on small windows of opportunity depending on the beast you are facing. This alone kept me coming back for more. It was like a Dark Souls boss rush that punishes you for playing too risky and rewards you for proper teamwork and calculated gameplay.

Can't wait? Well we've got you covered. If you're looking to get your Monhun fix asap, be sure check out our small list of games like Monster Hunter. Cheers!

Toukiden 2

It won't take an expert to see the similarities between Toukiden and Monster Hunter. As a slayer, you will be squaring off against various monsters, this time hailing from ancient Japanese mythology. Toukiden 2's appeal comes from the same endless item grind Monhun is known for. This consists of breaking off an Oni's limbs, which does not only present a series of tactical advantages but also grants materials for crafted items as well. You will also be spending a gratuitous amount of time between missions, customizing your gear to both fit your preferred playstyle and provide a certain leverage for the upcoming fight.

games like Monster Hunter

There are more than 12 weapon to learn and master, each with its own distinct attack patterns that separates it from the rest. While Toukiden 2's combat is a bit faster compared to its hunting brethren, the precision needed stays more or less the same. In order to do well, you'll need to at least be comfortable with your weapon of choice, enabling you to glide through combat with ease and precision. Much like Monster Hunter, you will also find yourself replaying missions from time to time, and while the formula may sound a little dull on paper, it is what makes these hunting games very addicting and is similar to an MMO raid. In addition to the lovely beast slaying-multiplayer action, Toukiden 2 features a story mode which is a bit more in-depth than Monster Hunter's quest and kill storyline. Note it's worth finishing as it does give you a series of goodies such as spirit warriors that can give you specific skill boosts that may come in handy during hard fights.

Toukiden 2 is currently available for the PSVita, PS4, and PC. Definitely a great game for Monhun enthusiasts.

Why you should try it:

  • Amazing Oni designs

  • Fast paced monster-slaying action

  • It's generally one of the closest thing to Monster Hunter

  • Warrior Spirits provide an added depth to its already rich character customization

God Eater 2: Rage Burst

In God Eater 2: Rage Burst, players take the role of one of the many men and women who are capable of wielding the God Arc: a series of monster-like weapons capable of killing and devouring the harbingers of the world's destruction known as the Aragami. This game serves as both a remaster and expansion of the PSP and PSVita game, God Eater 2, and is currently available for the PSVita, Playstation 4, and PC.

games like Monster Hunter

Rage Burst's charm comes from its unique weapon system, with various God Arc upgrades, which (for the most part) has been staggeringly overwhelming due to its many customization options. The game also features a series of special missions not found in the original game, giving players more content to work with, as well as more mission rewards to work towards. Those looking for a challenge may want to consider other titles, as the game is somewhat easier compared to its genre predecessors and may deter those looking for a more punishing experience. Combat has generally been closer to hacking and slashing than the precise combat found in Monster Hunter. Still, God Eater does have its fair share of uniqueness that makes the experience delightful, with amazing Aragami designs and a deep weapon system that rivals most of its competition. If you're looking for an action-packed anime hunting experience, then this is your game.

Why you should try it:

  • Badass God Arc weapons

  • Combat is relatively easy to pick up

  • Nice story

  • Literally tons of upgrades that's sure to sate your needs regardless of playstyle

Attack On Titan: Wings Of Freedom

Attack of Titan: Wings of Freedom is probably the weirdest game I could compare with Monster Hunter, given its over the top Spiderman-ish gameplay, but do hear me out. A.O.T. Wings of Freedom is an action adventure game that retells the story of the hit manga/anime where humanity finds itself on the brink of extinction as a mysterious titan breaks through one of their tiered walls, thus flooding the city with the very monsters said walls were erected to keep out for generations.

games like Monster Hunter

Those familiar with the series will probably have a blast playing as one of their favorite characters, as they slay titan after titan while reliving the glory of humanity's war against the colossal threat. The concept is somewhat the same as a hunting game, with players entering a semi open space with the use of their 3D maneuver gear (Omni-directional mobility gear). Each Titan type has its own quirks and mannerisms that gives a small bit of variety when it comes to combat.

You can chop off their limbs to incapacitate your targets, thus giving you a form of tactical advantage, but the only way to really kill a titan is to slice off a shard of its nape (the lower area of the neck). Much like Monster Hunter, you will also need to stock up on a series of replenishable items, as well as gather materials to upgrade your gear for the next big fight. The combat is anything unlike Monster Hunter, due to it being mostly airborne, but the feeling of hunting down a titan and performing majestic slash dances in the air makes for a good and satisfying hunting experience. Similar to other hunting games, A.O.T also features a multiplayer mode that pits a squad of four against a barrage of titans. The game is actually a breeze to play once you get acquainted with the 3D maneuver gear, but the combat, while tedious, provides enough flair to keep you coming back for more.

Why you should try it:

  • The game effectively retells the story of the anime/manga

  • Gliding with the 3D maneuver gear has never been this satisfying

  • Amazing visuals

  • Satisfying Titan takedowns

Dark Souls III

Despite it being a completely different genre, Dark Souls was actually the game I considered closest to Monster Hunter in terms of combat. The key precision needed when dealing with its over-the-top bosses has always been very demanding, and one can never really play it like a Devil May Cry type game. Using various items, such as fire bombs and the likes, are also helpful when fighting different monsters, and one can always exercise the use of elemental resistances and weapon types to make an otherwise difficult boss a bit bearable.

games like Monster Hunter

For those of you who have not tried it, Dark Souls is a very challenging game, with its main appeal stemming from calculated combat mechanics and controlled aggression. Dark Souls' big fights differ depending on your weapon of choice, with some having limbs (tails for the most part) that can be cut off to acquire crafting materials or weapons. Some bosses may require a more defensive approach, with players sporting the good old sword and shield, while others need something heavier such as great swords and giant axes. Players are awarded special souls upon beating these bosses, which can be used to craft amazing weapons with special properties like lightning spears or exploding axes; each of these has its own special weapon actions that is otherwise absent from their regular counterparts. The stamina system also makes its glorious or less-glorious comeback, depending on how you play your hunting games, giving you a fixed set of actions as you dive within your enemy's range and budget your stamina gauge for dodging, blocking, and attacking. If you're looking for a good modern game that provides a hefty amount of challenge, then Dark Souls should be right up your alley.

Why You Should Try It:

  • Challenging Combat

  • Intense boss battles that's sure to put you at the edge of your seats

  • Nice open world rich with lore

  • Exquisite weapon and armor sets.

Bonus: Dauntless

Dauntless is an upcoming hunting MMO that's highly similar to Monster Hunter. Players are put in teams of four as they traverse an open world and take down giant monsters called Behemoths. The trailers alone are enough to show that this game is indeed a Monster Hunter-like game, with Behemoth patterns that players should master in order to take them down effectively. The game promises pixel-perfect combat mechanics, as well as the precision we all know and love about the Monhun series.

games like Monster Hunter

Players will also be able to craft a gratuitous amount of items from boss loot, giving them stronger gear as they fight through the many behemoths in the game. The Founder's alpha starts on the 18th of August, with its founder packs ranging from 40 to 80 USD. The game looks mighty promising from my perspective and may very well be the PC Monster Hunter game we've all been waiting for.