Those following the development of Star Citizen have likely already heard a bit about a Cloud Imperium Glassdoor review presumably posted by former senior physics programmer John Pritchett taking management to task for the sandbox MMO's scope. Well, the real Mr. Pritchett has stood up and said the review is a fake.

star citizen glassdoor review

According to the review, which is still live at the time of this writing, Pritchett suggested to management that the team is stretching itself too thin:

"The scope of the project needs to be massively reigned in, and realistic expectations of what will actually be delivered in the next decade or two need to be communicated honestly and clearly to the community supporting the business. There's no point wasting huge amounts of money, time and resources (+ community goodwill) hiring top-end specialists and starting projects when you don't even know what you want the finished product to look like or if it's even technically feasible."

Mr. Pritchett repudiated the review in question, stating that he had already flagged it with the site but also wanted to personally address the matter. Pritchett seemed to particularly take difference with the segment of the review that said his systems - and by extension, himself - had been made obsolete.

"Any game in alpha is always evolving, and any system as critical as the flight model is therefore also evolving," wrote Pritchett. "Had I remained with CIG, it would have continued to evolve, and it will certainly evolve without me. Very little from the review reflects my personal experience."

Our Thoughts, pretty depressing that someone would go all this way to try to sling mud at Star Citizen. Some folks just REALLY don't wanna see a game get developed. Even if Star Citizen's cook time is an exceedingly long one, that doesn't really excuse one from putting on a fake identity and trying to screw over the studio. Just yell into the void of Reddit instead. At least there you'll get some thumbs up and feel better about yourself.

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