Free-to-play golf MMO Shot Online has released its RE-NEW update - bringing the newly-added Golf Club content alongside a heap of gameplay enhancements including new Miniature Mode golf courses, new items, physics optimizations and renewal of the NPC Shop, Item Mall, Course Drop Box & Item Recipe System.

The main addition of the RE-NEW update is the Golf Club. With this update, players over level 190 can now experience new benefits by founding their own Golf Club, gaining access to two new systems:

  • The Rounding Acquaintance System: Earn ‘A-points’ through Co-Player Rounding which can be used to craft items.

  • The Training System: Earn several rewards by sending characters into training; the longer the training time, the better the rewards.

To celebrate this new feature and to kick-start players’ efforts to reach level 190, Shot Online are offering 20% bonus experience on all titles until midnight on 9th May, as well as additional events for a limited time.

Also included in the update are the two new Miniature Mode courses: Dino Park and Volcano, bringing the available miniature mode courses up to 5. Within the Miniature Mode, physics issues have been patched, objects will become transparent when covering a player and the Pin Point is now more accurate.

Final touch-ups mean that players can now enjoy new items within the NPC shop, a better choice within the Item Mall including better packages and the ability to craft the ‘Valhalla’s Soul Stone’ within the Course Drop Box, which can be used to craft various useful items within the game. The Item Recipe System itself has also undergone some changes to streamline the crafting process.

Visit our Shot Online page to play or check out the full details of the RE-NEW Shot Online update via the official announcement page.