With the ongoing climate crisis causing more cause for concern as days go by, there’s even more reason for gamers to engage in their favourite form of escapism. In fact, today one-in-three people on the entire planet are engaging with the video games industry. So what if instead of just providing that form of escape, the very same sector was using that influence to help lead the charge against climate change? Cue superhero music.

Therein lies the aim of the newly-launched Green Games Guide, created by Ukie and Games London, which outlines how gaming businesses can both adopt greener practices and educate their player base. It is the UK’s first resource that contains practical advice and outlines steps that gaming enterprises can take to reduce emissions and waste across their offices and operations. Meanwhile, it encourages the industry’s biggest bigwigs to use their significant clout as a tool to inspire their players to think more deeply about the environment.

Green Games Guide

The guide arrives as both organisations join the Playing for the Planet Alliance - AKA the Justice League of environmentally-aware industry titans. Founded in 2019, it’s members include Sony Interactive Entertainment, Microsoft, Space Ape, Ustwo and Sports Interactive and is facilitated by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) with the support of GRID-Arendal and Playmob.

Ukie CEO, Dr Jo Twist OBE said: “The impact of climate change affects us all, as individuals, businesses and global citizens. The games industry, with its boundless creativity, its constantly evolving interaction with technology and its power as a communications medium to reach and inspire a global audience of billions is particularly well equipped to start collectively making a real difference."

"We’re delighted to join Playing for the Planet, to help games businesses understand how their practices in making games and doing business can be more environmentally friendly. Some games companies are already taking action, so amplifying their efforts and sharing best practice widely will make a bigger difference.”

Ukie is becoming something of a Feelgood Friday mainstay, so to us this latest initiative comes as no surprise. Watch this space, keep pushing to live a more sustainable lifestyle, and make sure you’re checking in for your weekly dose of feelgood to see the results of the Green Games Guide as it evolves.

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