Henry Cavill is at it again, making nerds everywhere swoon and fawn as he demonstrates he is ‘one of us’ in his typically suave and graceful manner. Meanwhile, Blizzard are proving far less graceful following a series of blunders that have fans cringing and decrying in equal measure.

Henry Cavill Warhammer

Henry Cavill Warhammer (Not WoW) Hobby

In his recent appearance on the Graham Norton show to promote the new series of The Witcher, Cavill revealed his penchant for Warhammer. Not World of Warcraft. Though he didn’t seem to deny that he plays WoW either.

As Norton, who is known to subject his guests to some mild mockery every now and then, sets up what is obviously a joke about Cavill’s nerdy hobby, he mistakenly questions “You paint…is it War…World of Warcraft”. To which Cavill oh-so smoothly responds “Uh, it’s Warhammer, Graham.” Yeah, Graham. They’re two completely different games.

Of course, Norton goes on to ridicule the hobby as Cavill continues to make it seem like the coolest activity on earth, but none other than Tom Holland swings to the aid of Cavill (and a large part of his own fanbase) by exclaiming “it sounds amazing!”

Cue the fan-art.

## WoW Leans into Harmful Stereotypes

The recent release of Exploring Azeroth: Kalimdor - the second book of the Exploring Azeroth series that fleshes out WoW lore - has left some fans reeling.

As a game that was released in the noughties - a time where racial sensitivity was less common - there are some aspects of how the title treated its in-game races that make fans wince today. Factors that WoW’s loremaster, Sean Copeland, is seemingly oblivious to.

In Kalimdor it is revealed that Zekhan had to be taught to read by the elven regent-lord Lor’themar Theron. That is despite the Horde being a literate society. This has not gone unnoticed by some fans, who are also calling Copeland out on mischaracterising many fan-favourite characters and an overall disdain for the Horde whilst the Eastern Kingdoms received more favourable treatment.

Meanwhile - a quick reskin of an extremely suspicious Warlock tier helmet set to appear as part of the Shadowlands Patch 9.2 couldn’t have been better timed. We’ll let you check out the original and see for yourself why it was a prudent move.

Image: Blizzard

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