Apart from protecting privacy, a credible VPN can make gaming experiences more effective and more fun. VPNs allow gamers to access blocked games, keep their data safe, enhance their speed, eliminate bad ping, and prevent DDoS attacks.

Without further ado, let’s dig into some of the ways that a VPN can make gaming more effective:

Ways a VPN can Make Gaming More Effective

Improving Gaming Speed

Speed is an essential trait for a gamer yet many gamers are subject to network throttling by their internet service provider (ISP). When gamers complain to their ISPs about speed, most ISPs will respond by suggesting they pay more to upgrade to a premium package. What they won’t often share is that they are the ones limiting users’ bandwidths when they realize that customers are engaging in high data consuming activities.

That means that gamers are very often victims of network throttling because high-performance gaming requires a lot of bandwidth. The solution to this problem? A reliable VPN. With a good VPN, players can improve their speed by 70%. A VPN helps you to have the fastest connection, thus enhancing gaming experience. Here are some popular games and their average data consumption per hour:

These data figures represent average gameplay for an hour without accounting for frequent updates that can occur while gaming. This sort of gaming traffic is exactly the type that will result in ISPs slowing down connections.

The good news is that a VPN encrypts the data so that the ISP can't spider crawl on internet activities.

Unblocking Banned Regional Games

Some of the best games (and MMOs especially) are only available in certain locations. For passionate gamers, this can be heart-breaking. Aside from game publishers who limit release to certain geographies, many governments use blocking protocols to limit users from accessing certain censored games.

Different governmental authorities around the world have chosen to block certain games’ releases, some of the most notable examples include:

  • Australia and South Korea banning Mortal Kombat

  • Brazil and the US banning Rockstar’s Bully

  • India banning PUBG

While of course, we cannot and do not condone any breaking of the law, with a credible VPN, players can sneakily avoid these preventative measures and access all their favorite games from any location. The VPN hides player locations and connects to a remote server in a country that hasn't banned the content.

Keeping Player Data Safe

Just like any other internet service, gaming also poses threats to data privacy and security. Since online gaming’s very beginning, there have been countless cases of gamers getting hacked and scammed. Not only are the usual threats of stolen credentials prevalent but there are also many examples of hackers getting into player accounts just to troll them. In both scenarios, the safer you can keep your account, the better.

Premium VPNs, such as Surfshark, guarantee total privacy. Their VPN offerings mask IP addresses, as well as clearing cookies and browsing history to ensure no one spies on online activities or the source of the IP address. Gamers, therefore, can enjoy their games without having to worry about their data privacy.

Eliminating Ping

When a player is connecting to a server, ping times are the true challenges of speed that a player faces. These connection delays seriously affect player performance, especially when switching between games.

With a VPN, players can connect to a server quickly and ensure responsiveness during fast-paced gameplay. Premium VPNs tend to be especially effective at this due to their speed and reliability. For serious gamers who need to play at top-speed, they are a must-have.

Protection from Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) Attacks

DDoS attacks can happen on all the major gaming platforms, including PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. These “Distributed Denial of Service” attacks happen when a network of malicious systems (a botnet) floods a gamer's system with malware. Some of these attacks include Ping of Death, Smurf DDoS, and SYN flood.

The attack limits users from accessing the internet. So not only is there a risk to software and hardware, but gamers are locked out from their favourite games. DDoS attacks also eat up load balancers and firewall resources.

A reliable VPN will establish a secure tunnel wherein all traffic that goes to the World Wide Web will pass through their server. All websites you access will only view the server's IP address as the connection requests. Anyone who tries to attack you will be directed to a fake IP address.

Gamers will go to any length to equip themselves with the armour, tools, and skills that they need in-game. If they want the same level of protections out-of-game, then a premium VPN is an excellent place to start.

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