Players using NCSoft master accounts created before July 12th, 2012 to access NCSoft games such as Aion risk having their accounts deleted. That is unless they migrate their accounts to NCSoft’s new system before May 1st, 2015. This would mean that if you don’t migrate before this date, all associated characters, items, and data will be deleted from the system for good. No exceptions. If you do migrate your account, you will receive 400 NCoin to spend in a game of your choosing, which NCSoft call, “a special bonus for all our longtime players.”

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It is recommended that you check whether or not you need to migrate your account if you currently use a username, not an email address, to log in to NCSoft games. This likely means all games on the NCSoft system except for Guild Wars 2 which was released after the July 12th, 2012 date specified.

You can migrate your account by logging in at NCSoft’s secure site to be guided through the process. Don’t wait too long, it should only take a few minutes and you never know when you might get the itch to log in and play. If you’re still unsure, you can check the detailed FAQ from Aion’s forums.