Over the weekend, players in Gameloft's popular fantasy mobile title Order & Chaos Online hacked the game and gain access to GM specific toolsets called "Test Boxes". The hackers not only ran amok in the game with the powers of the Test Box, but duplicated the toolkit and distributed it to other players.

Order & Chaos Online Hacked

The hackers used the Test Box (also known as the DevBox) toolkit to access numerous GM only commands, from spawning and duplicating items to simply screwing with the gameplay experience of other players; creating gold, summoning any type of mount, and randomly trading with people and giving them duplicated test boxes. It is suspected that the Test Box issue has been ongoing for some time; " Rumors are spreading that players have had access to test boxes for months now and have been selling items and gold." Gameloft has released a patch to deal with the exploit and has also vowed to investigate the issue, but the massive breadth and depth of the hack will be problematic for investigators.

Our Thoughts:

What a mess to unravel! With some players simply being given the Test Boxes in random trades, and never actually using them, simply banning everyone who had one seems unfair, and if the hack has been around for a while now, it may be impossible to track down and remove all items and gold that were generated by the exploit. Hopefully Gameloft can resolve the issue quickly, and without impacting the game or the bystanders too much.

Source: Toucharcade.com News Article