Every now and then gamer's find a way to make a game inside of a game. Like the infamous Kstyle in Gunz: The Duel, or the entire MOBA genre which originated in games like StarCraft and Warcraft III. The community of Tanki, an online tank battle game, have found a way to do just that.

A group of players inside Tanki have put down their cannons and taken to the rooftops! You might not think of a tank as the ideal tool for performing parkour, but this community seems to love it. Parkour enthusiasts are now challenging one another to see who will conquer the highest buildings in new and existing maps. There are even official contests with prizes of up to 1 million crystals (in-game currency), as well as special paint jobs for the best of the best.

For anyone interested in some good old fashioned death match, or maybe some crazy parkour action, you can sign up for Tanki here. No download required and you can even register with your Facebook account.