As things continue to unravel at Activision Blizzard, players of their flagship title have begun clamouring for some damage control. Though recent events certainly haven’t helped, the writing has been on the wall for WoW for months. And with players boycotting in their droves, there’s one Redditor whose constructive criticism might be the slap in the face that Blizzard needs right now.

In a post that has garnered support from thousands, Redditor u/ndefo has offered some suggested WoW changes that lends voice to the qualms that many have had for some time. Though these fixes might not recuperate the millions that have since left WoW, nor absolve them of their sins, they offer Blizzard a chance to follow FFXIV’s example by listening to the community. Because if the MMO community has a golden child right now, it’s FFXIV.

WoW Changes

The post lists changes from Timewalking availability to extensive Covenant overhauls, with a suggestion that while Blizzard may want to save face, their somewhat tattered reputation is now less important than keeping their remaining players engaged. The post is long, descriptive and, at time of writing, has been upvoted 4.4k times. And with so much support, we consider it our civic duty to spread the word.

By carrying some of the ‘low investment changes’ suggested, u/ndefo posits that a resurgence in subscribers would inevitably follow. Which would keep the game afloat as the company deals with its real-world issues. After all, while the ship may be sinking, there are still enough passengers aboard to plug the holes.

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