The next update to Riders of Icarus will introduce NX Plus, a system that will allow players to buy or sell Riders of Icarus cash shop items on the game's auction house.


NX Plus is available to those who buy in to NX Prepaid, which is available only through the purchase of Karma Koin cards or specific other options instead of PayPal or major credit cards. Despite this restriction, the normal offerings in the Riders of Icarus store will be available as before for those who want to use credit card payment.

Once NX Prepaid has been added to an account, the NX Plus tab of the in-game store will be available, selling Premium Game Time, pets or Ellun packs. After an item is purchased, it can be found in a character's Ellora Storage where it can be claimed and placed in the inventory. The item can then be used, traded or sold on the game's auction house. The moment an item is used, it becomes bound and cannot be traded or auctioned.

The devs are considering offering other items in the NX Plus store, including Mounts, Familiar Skins, Lucky Boxes and more. In the meantime, details on how NX Plus works and an FAQ can be read here.

Our Thoughts

What better way to cut the legs out from beneath gold sellers than to sell gold yourself? The decision to make NX Plus available is a good one, but the devs need to be careful with what they offer in the Plus store, as they could court complaints of making the game pay-to-win.

Your Thoughts

How do you feel about the idea of making cash shop items available for auction? Do you think this will stop gold sellers, or is this just a roundabout way of making a game pay-to-win? Give us your thoughts below in the comments.

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