No matter how you spin it, riding a dragon is awesome. But deep down we all know that it’s because we secretly want to be a dragon. Those guys have all the fun with their power, magic and badass wings. Well, in the Shaiya Cryptic Menace update, that dream will now become a reality.

The latest patch for gamigo’s fantasy MMORPG Shaiya is officially live, bringing new quests, dungeons and loot. An extra-challenging Cryptic II dungeon awaits, rife with stronger bosses and the treasures they bring including Mechanic Lapis #1/#2/#3, Luminous Armor Token (Helmet)/(Upper), or a Lv. 80 Cape.

Additionally, there’s a prize more valuable than any loot: pride. Upon defeating the final boss, players will receive the new Crypt Master title and with it a brand new reason to brag. More valuable than even pride, however? Dragons. The newest ‘mount’ to be introduced is a dragon, but one that is revealed to have been inside you all along. So get ready to take to the skies as the winged legend you were born to be.

Shaiya Cryptic Update

Other Features

Plenty of quality-of-life updates have also been introduced, including:

  • A number of changes to certain skills

  • Trading between factions via the Auction House map

  • Adjusted healing rates for Healing, Stamina, Mana and Super Potions

  • The boss ‘Raptor Slayer’ will now spawn the correct monsters

  • Grape and Vanilla ice cream will now provide the correct buffs

  • Attribute points will reset properly when a Defender class uses the Free De-level Service by Alessandra

  • Basic stats for equal classes of two factions has been aligned

  • The Dispel skill of Oracle/Priest now has the correct localisation for the PT client language

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