So last week, I decided to plumb the Hongmoon Store and stir up some of the outfits that made me sit there with a confused Gilbert Gottfried face. However, there are just about as many awesome pieces of clothing in Blade and Soul as there are questionable ones. I feel like I'd be doing a disservice to the game and its designers if I didn't also cast a light on the better clothing options out there, and I always like to accentuate the positive anyway. So with that in mind, here are some awesome Blade and Soul outfits that make me want to suffer grind to unlock or reach for my wallet.


Holy crap. Look at how adorable that thing is. The one thing that's probably going to be a running theme in my selections is the use of potent, striking color, and this outfit definitely has that. The deep midnight blue and contrasting pale yellow stand out, and the cut of the skirt hits the mark for cuteness even though it's Sailor Moon-short. It definitely isn't anything I'd put on my character during combat motions, but for a moment of downtime this ensemble is hard to ignore.

What's also really amazing about this look are all the little details. The fine touches of embroidering on the top, the cute little clasp on the midsection, and the dainty little bows on the shoes all make this look squeal with snuggly goodness. It's a date night dress done up right - playful and coquettish, yet refined and proper. The sort of thing that makes one stand out without putting everything out there.


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This is a style of outfit I'm not used to seeing in many MMO's, and something about it absolutely works for me. It's like a toga taken to the next level. This look has that sort of wandering minstrel or road-walking performer vibe going on for it, with dramatic colors and a commanding level of accessories that make it grab your eyeballs without seeming too over-the-top. It's dazzling in its color selection and hypnotic in level of detail. If I were traveling in this ensemble, I'd definitely have a whole lot of extra swagger in my step.

Again, we've got great embroidery going on, but it's significantly more intense and firm here. All of the lines along this outfit are dramatic and angular, with a huge deal of weight while still managing to look regal. This thing looks incredible. About the only thing I can lament about this outfit is that it's no longer for sale.

Obsidian Serpent

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If I were a supervillain (and also a woman), I would absolutely wear this thing. Something about the combination of black and gold just makes me grin evilly, and the way this look presents those contrasts really chills and thrills. Everything about this outfit commands awe and respect. It's dark glamour at its finest; an outfit for a mastermind.

Once more, it's the little things that stand out on this one for me. The clasps and that epaulet-looking shoulder embroidery speak to someone of authority. The cut of the top speaks to confidence and daring. The claw-like finger armor seeps brutality. And those coattails! I bet those things look amazing fluttering in the breeze or ghosting behind as you walk by. Put it all together and you have the look of a calculating and cunning powerhouse, in full command of her facilities and her schemes.


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Gagk...aaghk...choking...on....cute!! Ggrk! No, but seriously, as if the Lyn couldn't possibly get more adorable, along comes this puffy pink bit of delight. This is, again, not something that seems like a great combat outfit...unless your weapon is to make people fall over under the weight of your cuteness.

This whole dress looks like it was finely crafted from every single angle. The curling flower design doesn't seem to repeat, or if it does it does so in a way that is so flowing it's hard to notice. The lace below the hem absolutely sets it off, and the color is an eye-popping pink. And then we turn around and see butterfly wings sitting happily on the back, sized in just the right way so they're visible but not incredibly ostentatious. This puffball of a pretty dress makes me grin like a madman, and it probably is one of the most perfect outfits for Lyn females that I have ever seen.

Spirit of Bamboo

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So I've seen this outfit floating around on some Blade and Soul-related Twitter accounts I follow, and I have to admit it took a bit of time for me to warm up to this outfit. The more I looked it over, however, the more I found to love. It is definitely one of the more unique pieces of costuming I've seen in this or any other MMO, with a flair that captivates the more you look.

Obviously the first thing you notice about this outfit is the color, with a jade sheen that grabs the eye. As my eyes wander along the outfit, I see all sorts of cool little touches, from the twining along the dress to the angular green bamboo leaves that are just visible inside the fabric. The whole outfit looks like it's made from some of the finest silks possible, and has a cut that really manages to carefully toe the line between ridiculous and compelling. It hasn't been released in the Hongmoon Store yet, but I have a feeling that it will be an absolute hot seller once it is.

While the outfits in Blade and Soul can skew towards realms of wishful thinking and physics defiance, there are still many looks that can make a statement without shattering modesty. Better yet, more looks are getting added almost all the time it seems, which makes this MMO clothes horse incredibly happy. I personally would love to see some more armored looks arrive, but only time will tell if that ever will be a thing. In the meantime, I'm still clothes shopping for something that speaks to a giant woman who can power slam a bear and swings an axe the size of a Mini Cooper. So until then, hope to see you in the fields or soaring through the air! And if you haven't yet be sure to check out our list of the worst outfits in Blade & Soul.

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