For around two decades, the MMORPG has dominated as the genre of choice for tonnes of players around the globe. Alongside offering up memorable narratives in sprawling game worlds, they offer truly unparalleled options when it comes to player customisation, online co-op and unique large-scale PvP which goes beyond the usual FPS affair.

Ultimately, MMORPGs are still great. And despite there being few notable launches of new MMOs in recent years, the genre is surviving better than ever in 2021.

In case you’re out of touch with the biggest MMORPGs of the moment, here are arguably the top 5 MMORPGs to play right now.

1. World of Warcraft

We’ll get this behemoth out of the way early. World of Warcraft has been the archetypal MMO ever since its release way back in 2004. Feeling old yet?

Fortunately, thanks to Blizzard championing frequent updates, having a great relationship with their players and, well, making a damn-good game, World of Warcraft is still bringing in a host of new players while retaining a deep-rooted passion from long-time fans.

The game itself, set in the world of Azeroth, pits two factions against each other in a world of might and magic, allowing players to pick from a variety of dungeons-and-dragons-esque races and classes.

World of Warcraft is a market leader in both PvE and PvP—so I’ll stop talking about it, as chances are you’re already all too familiar with it.

2. Old School RuneScape

Despite moving over to the updated “RuneScape 3” way back in 2013, Jagex also released the accompanying game “Old School Runescape” (OSRS) which takes players back to the heyday of the August 2007 servers of RuneScape.

Just like WoW, Runescape is synonymous with online RPGs, meaning you’ve likely both heard of and played it in the past. It immerses you in a similarly typical fantasy world, having you juggle items, experience, and quests as you build your character.

Still retaining a strong player base, OSRS is a classic which can still be enjoyed today.

3. The Elder Scrolls Online

Ever since the earliest days of the Elder Scrolls saga, players wanted to experience the beloved fantasy world with their friends online. In 2014, that became a reality. However, for many players, the early iterations of The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) were a little disappointing. Fortunately for us in 2021, the game has continued to be developed and built-on by Bethesda and it now stands tall as a fantastically popular MMORPG.

Today, one of the biggest bonuses that players will find is that the base game is free-to-play. This allows players to give the game an extensive test-run before even considering putting any money towards it. You might even want to pause reading this and set it to download right now.

The game more-or-less breeds together the Elder Scrolls formula with that of World of Warcraft, allowing players to experience a notable story with excellent voice acting, incredibly fluid character customisation and all the usual MMORPG systems—from crafting to raids.

The game is certainly worth picking up in 2021.

4. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Another online offshoot of an incredibly loved franchise, Final Fantasy XIV offers players the opportunity to explore the magic of Final Fantasy with their friends and other players.

Like ESO, upon original release the game was a total disaster. It even incorporated a broken system which punished players for playing for more than an hour at a time. But Square Enix didn’t give up on the game, spending two years to rebuild the game from the ground up. And frankly, they succeeded in making something amazing!

Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn deserves extra credit thanks to its beauty and how jam-packed with quests it is. FFXIV also holds one of the most elaborate class systems found in the genre.

5. EVE Online

EVE Online is different to all the games listed here so far in more ways than one. First off, it’s set in space. Second, its sandbox-style gameplay has seen the creation of factions larger than you could ever imagine. Third, it’s known for its countless marathon space battles which have resulted in the destruction of hundreds of thousands of real dollars’ worth of in-game items.

Those three factors set up the heart of EVE Online. It’s deep. It’s challenging. It’s set in space. And it can be one of the most rewarding MMORPGS to play. The game’s many, many systems give players an expansive variety of things to do. While developer CCP’s commitment to including subscribers in directing the game’s updates and changes makes it a truly unique experience for those devoted to it.

There are plenty more MMORPGs out on the market today, from Guild Wars 2 to Phantasy Star Online, but these are the top five fan-favourites due to their entertainment value, options for players and truly outstanding developers who continue to push the games into new territory.

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