Travian Games recently released a special annual update for its real-time strategy, browser MMO Travian: Legends. The latest update is called Travian: Path to Pandora and it builds upon many of the base game mechanics while also introducing a few new ones.

Last year, Travian: Legends released its Fire and Sand update and Path to Pandora will include all of its features, such as an ancient Europe map, conquerable regions, additional troop options, and server victory conditions, and many new updates.

Travian Path to Pandora

Tribe Changes

To start things off, every tribe will be receiving revamped artwork for its buildings. This will give each faction its own unique feeling. Unfortunately, players are only allowed to use one account per round, which means under normal circumstances they wouldn’t be able to appreciate each tribe’s artwork. However, the conquering system has been tweaked so that any villages captured, except Natars, do not change tribe type.

In addition to keeping their initial visual style, captured village will also keep their tribe restrictions. For example, if a Hun player captures a Gaul village, they won’t be able to build any Hun specific buildings or troops in that village. Furthermore, settlers sent from that village will construct new Gaul villages and not Hun ones, and Natar villages conquered by that chieftain will also turn into Gaul villages.

This change also has an effect on how heroes work. Each player’s hero will always remain a member of the account’s tribe, but now they will be able to wear items from other tribes that provide them with bonuses, and heroes can be stationed in villages of other tribes to provide them with attack and defense bonuses. While the hero will play nice with other tribes, troops from different factions cannot be merged.

Finally, the two new tribes from Fire and Sand will remain in Path to Pandora: Egyptians and Huns. The Egyptians are more suited for new players and are excellent builders. Some of their specialties include cheap basic units, strong defensive units, sturdy stone walls, and the Waterworks building that increases the oasis bonus.

The Huns, on the other hand, are more difficult to use and recommended for veteran players. Their focus is on military might with powerful mounted archers and cavalry. Huns have weaker defensive options than other tribes but make up for it with speed. The Command Center is their special building, which improves expansion.

Travian Path to Pandora

Confederacy Updates

Path of Pandora will be changing the way that the confederacy system works. In order to form a confederacy, alliances must be connected to each other. Additionally, there can be a maximum of four alliances in a confederacy. For example, if Alliance A is adjacent to Alliance B and wants to form a confederacy with Alliance C then Alliance A will need to request a confederacy with both Alliance B and C.

There will also be a couple of changes to public resources. Players will only be able to send resources their own account, alliance or confederacy, but public offers in the marketplace will remain available.

New Statistics

Have you ever wanted to know more about your armies and villages? Well, the Path to Pandora update is implementing a new Plus statistics option that includes new insights such as:

  • World progression – with some insights about the game world including the server day, accounts activated on the game world, and tribe distribution.

  • Resource rank – with raid, trade and production details in comparison to your own alliance and the entire game world.

  • Village strength rank – both for defense and attack in comparison to your own alliance and to the entire game world.

  • Culture point rank – per day and in comparison to your own alliance and to the entire game world.

Travian Path to Pandora

Balance Updates

Finally, there will be a couple of changes to the overall gameplay. First off, players can use one artwork every 24 hours, construction costs of the Egyptian Waterworks has been increased, the alliance bonus for Philosophy and Commerce has been increased and the cost for the first four steps has been decreased.

Players who are interested in checking out all of the new updates in Travian: Path to Pandora can access the game here.