Things in the tank-centric battlefield of World of Tanks are likely going to look a whole lot prettier as of today. World of Tanks 1.0 has officially made its launch on PC, granting players a full taste of the new Core graphics engine along with a new map and even a new soundtrack to listen to. In between tanks being blown to smithereens, naturally.

world of tanks 1.0

The previously detailed Core engine upgrade has lots of new fancy visual tricks exclusively for PC players, which are said to optimize and enhance the overall performance of World of Tanks.

The 1.0 update is also offering some ear candy along with the new eye candy in the form of a new dynamic soundtrack. The soundtrack was recorded and performed by the Prague Symphonic Orchestra and features ethnic instrumentation for each of the game's maps to grant each one a specific atmosphere. The new soundtrack is due to release for free on all major music platforms.

Speaking of maps, the new Glacier map has also arrived with this update. Described as a post-apocalyptic wasteland of snow and ice, tankers can look for a variety of terrain features such as elevated ridges, geysers and hot springs.

A full list of details and patch notes are available for your perusal on the game's website, while a full features rundown in video form is below.

Our Thoughts

We certainly hope that PC players of World of Tanks truly appreciate the new visual fidelity and performance of this tank-on-tank online battler. It most certainly looks like a visual marvel now, though the game wasn't precisely the ugliest thing in the world previously anyway.

Source: press release

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