With the champions crowned in the officially-sanctioned AWC, it may leave many of us feeling at a loss. After so many months of high-octane WoW PvP, withdrawal symptoms are sure to be setting in. But luckily for those who love a good scrap, there’s solace to be found in-game. And it would make Tyler Durden proud.

Recently it has been reported that tucked away in Stormwind City, clandestine fight clubs are being held. Or, more accurately, ‘wrestling’ clubs. Dubbed Azeroth Championship Wrestling (or ‘ACW’ just to really rub it in the faces of the official tournament organisers), this underground scene has emerged thanks to a plucky band of wrestling fans - all for the purposes of pure bloody knuckled entertainment.

Adopting role-play and a ‘kayfabe’ style of show, the ACW doesn’t dish out rewards, take bets, or bestow medals. Instead, it is a pure dose of fun made possible through the passion of its participants and spurred on by its fervent spectators. It is events like these that really remind us of what an MMORPG is capable of - communities banding together to bring an extra level of fun that the developers could never see coming.

asmongold critique

Blizzard Critique as Told by Asmongold

Also making the rounds in WoW news is the hot take from popular long-time streamer, Asmongold. Following the announcement of Burning Crusade Classic’s official release date as 1st June (confirming rumours we shared), Asmongold published a Twitlonger post that levelled several criticisms against Blizzard sparked largely by the recent introduction of micro-transactions.

Though it comes from a place of love, Asmongold’s deep-dive into controversial practices express feelings that are mirrored by a number of WoW fans. It is a long post, but if you’re either concerned or intrigued by its content, we’d recommend you check it out for yourself. Then, be sure to share your own thoughts with us via our social media channels below!

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