Vengeance Demon Hunters are breaking Warsong Gulch Rated Battlegrounds. To most World of Warcraft players this won't matter, but after experiencing this first hand and hearing that this has been going on for all of Legion, I thought I should share this. Now, I haven’t done many RBGs since Mists of Pandaria when I reached 2200. For those who don’t know, Vengeance Demon Hunters are now mandatory for every serious RBG group as a dedicated flag carrier.

With the content drought and still not having access to Beta, I decided to try and get back into Rated Battlegrounds so I could get more of that sweet Grand Marshal transmog. After over an hour of searching for a group and waiting for that group to fill we finally jumped into our first match, which was us on the Horde side vs the Alliance in Warsong Gulch. It started just like every other WSG match with both sides rushing to the others' flag. Once the enemy's Demon Hunter made it back to their base with our flag, it was the offense team's job to kill him and retrieve the flag. We grouped up and headed over to their base, but we weren’t prepared for what their Demon Hunter had planned for us.

Leaping Over Walls

After chasing their flag carrier up the ramp and to the second floor of the Alliance base, this Demon Hunter did something I haven’t seen in all the years I have played World of Warcraft. On the second floor on the outside of the Alliance base, there is a wall that blocks you from just walking off the edge, you either have to go along the path to the left or the right, unless you’re this Demon Hunter. That’s right, as soon as we got to their flag carrier he just lept over this wall and landed on top of their tunnel roof.

Demon Hunter Ruins Warsong Gulch RBG

After being shocked by what just happened, we ran the long way to get over to him, but as soon as we did he just lept back over the wall. Yes, Warriors can also leap over this wall, but unless you’re Fury and specced into leaps the Vengeance Demon Hunter will out leap you. Our next plan was to split up our offense group and have one half waiting for him on one side while the other half tried to catch him on the other side. Little did we know that there is an even worse leap bug.

Leaping Through Walls

Leaping over walls in one thing, but being able to completely leap through a wall is another. Once we put our plan into motion and chased their flag carrier down, he then jumped off the tunnel roof, ran to the left side of the tunnel, and then lept through the walls into their tunnel. After seeing that their flag carrier had the ability to completely ignore walls, while ours had nothing like this, our group ended up just quitting at that point. It was upsetting seeing how one-sided things were if a Vengeance Demon Hunter was the flag carrier on the Alliance side.

Demon Hunter Ruins Warsong Gulch RBG

Demon Hunter Ruins Warsong Gulch RBG

In the screenshots above you will see me standing at the rock to the left of the Alliance tunnel. The red circle indicates where they used Infernal Strike to leap up and through the mountain walls and to end up inside the Alliance tunnels. The distance you travel will put any Demon Hunter at a huge advantage when running away from the enemy. A lot of the time players don’t even know where you went until you’re back in your flag room, it’s ridiculous.

Final Thoughts

I honestly don’t know how Blizzard has let this go for all of Legion. I could understand maybe the first season, maybe the second season since Demon Hunters are new to the game, but six seasons? Maybe Blizzard has just given up on Rated Battlegrounds and just couldn’t be bothered fixing something like this. I understand the first leap isn’t too bad and is just a very frustrating thing, but being able to leap through a wall just shouldn’t be a thing, to begin with.

As for the Horde side, I couldn’t find anything this game breaking besides a jump that would allow you to be stuck between mountains unable to be attacked, but something like that will get you banned so that isn’t really similar to the two Alliance leaps. So as long as this stays, Alliance has a massive advantage over the Horde in Warsong Gulch Rated Battlegrounds with a Vengeance Demon Hunter as their flag carrier.

Let me know what you think, am I way off with this and it’s just something that players should get used to, or should Blizzard fix this?