What You Need to Know About ESO High Isle

By Ollie Bradley
7th of June 2022
New ESO content abounds as High Isle releases on PC.
ESO High Isle

It's time to set sail for High Isle in The Elder Scrolls Online as the Breton-centric expansion has finally arrived on PC. This DLC is full to bursting with new ESO content as players set sail for High Isle and Amenos and undertake the first chapter of the Legacy of the Bretons expansion series.

ESO High Isle
ESO High Isle

Here are some of the highlights:

  • New location: High Isle- players can choose to create a new character and play through the tutorial or make their own way via Wayshrine or boat or cart and experience the new story quests.
  • Six new delves, six world bosses and two public dungeons.
  • Volcanic and Lava Vents - quell the dangers that emerge from large Volcanic Vents and smaller Lava Vents to earn special rewards.
  • Tales of Tribute card game - a favorite of Billy Boyd's new character, Tales of Tribute introduces new ESO content in the form of a classic card game. Collect and play cards against AI and other players to earn special rewards.
  • Two new companions - Isobel and Ember, a Breton knight and Khajiit sorcerer, respectively, each with passive perks that buff the player when they are active.
  • Dreadsail Reef - a new trial being hailed as the hardest one in ESO so far. Defeat the Dreadsail Pirates to earn a powerful item set, mount, titles and body/face markings.
  • 136 new furnishing items.
  • Five new Mythic items.
  • Ten new item sets.
ESO High Isle
ESO High Isle

But for thriftier players who can't (or won't) get their hands on the new ESO expansion, Update 34 also comes with some changes to the base game. These include Spanish localization, Mundus Stones in the Armory System, updates to the Quickslot Wheel, and even some new furnishings and houses, among other changes.

But to gem up on all the new ESO content, check out the official patch notes.

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