Feelgood Friday: Gamigo Double Down on MMO Support for Ukraine

By Ollie Bradley
25th of March 2022
Now there are even more ways to show support for Ukraine through MMOs.
MMOs support Ukraine

Showing support for Ukraine through MMOs just got a little easier. Gamigo has joined the denizens of gaming organisations that have thrown their sizable weight behind the victims of Ukraine. And if there's one thing that gamigo can use effectively, it's their extensive library of games.

MMOs support Ukraine
Trove is just one of gamigo's MMOs where gamers can support Ukraine

Gamigo began wielding its power in the name of peace on 10th March, when it started offering unique in-game items in four of its biggest titles with all profits going to support families, children and people in need affected by the Ukrainian war.

That list has now grown, now with eight of its biggest titles offering some kind of in-game means through which players can directly contribute to support efforts. These include:

  • Trove: A €5 Steadfast Friends pack which includes the Steadfast Sunflower mount and the sunny Sunflower ally.
  • Fiesta Online: A €5 Sunflower Supply Pack containing a Supportive Sunflower, a Mini Pet and Supportive Finery.
  • Last Chaos: A €5 permanent costume dyed in the colours of the Ukrainian flag.
  • Wizard 101: A $5 Charity Glorious Hero's attire, dyed in the colours of the Ukrainian flag and consisting of the Glorious Hero's Cap, the Glorious Hero's Shirt and the Glorious Hero's Boots.
  • Shaiya - A €5 containing a Support Ukraine Costume and Support Ukraine Wings.
  • Aura Kingdom - €5 Ukraine Charity Packs containing a flag sticker for a character's face and a Ukrainian-flag coloured pair of wings.
  • Grand Fantasia - A €5 Sunshine Hope Pack which bathes the player's weapon and mount in blue and gold.
  • Echo of Soul - A €20 medical outfit available from the web shop.
Fiesta Online Gamers support Ukraine
Support Ukrainian victims with Fiesta Online

Most titles will also allow higher donations through their respective cash shops.

Showing support for Ukraine through MMOs is a uniquely touching experience. The money, of course, goes a long way. And seeing fellow players sporting a symbol of support in their droves is something that only the games we love can facilitate, and carries with it a strong message.

Be sure to screenshot and share any such scenes where players from around the world bathe the screen in blue and yellow, because we'd love to see them.

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