1100AD is a 2D Browser Based Fantasy MMORTS that combines tactical, real-time combat mechanics with advanced Heroes and Unit Customization. 1100AD follows more traditional path for the MMORTS, offering a subtle blend between economic and city management, and tactical combat systems that can be played in real-time, or controlled automatically by the AI so that you won't be required to participate in every fight. Build and construct your own settlement. Make money be trading with neighboring empires, raiding other villages. What do you want to be famous for? Being honest, true? Or do you want to be the best merchant? Make your way up the ladder of success, or go downhill trying. This game is all about choices.

1100AD Features

Two Types of Heroes - Paying heroes are heroes that require a certain amount of gold each day to keep them. This gold amount is developer set and is the same for all paying heroes. Free heroes are heroes that do not require gold for an upkeep cost to keep him.

Choose Your Strategy - Build an Army or focus on domination through trade? There are many avenues to victory in 1100AD!

Diplomacy Or Isolationism - Forge alliances with neighbors, or go it alone; remember that allies are your best defense, but can also turn on you!