Alganon is a free to play fantasy MMORPG with a focus on providing a more traditional lore filled fantasy world with all the nuts and bolts gamers have come to expect. Join a family and choose from four different classes before embarking on quests, braving dungeons and dominating in PvP all while putting your families name down in the history books.

For players who want to lead a more humble life, crafting is available with an auction house for you to sell your wares. In addition there is a requisition house where buyers may request items from sellers. The world of Alganon has a rich multi-cultural background and history that spans thousands of years. Grand cities, dark ruins deep in the most dangerous parts of the world - it all ties together in some fashion, and all of it has a purpose, a history, or a legend. Some of this history is been documented in the library, but much of it must be discovered!

Alganon Key Features

Never Alone - Adventure together with thousands of other players simultaneously.

Discover The World - Journey through an epic world filled with dungeons of different styles and depths.

Explore - Explore three massive continents and their huge capital cities, which serve as major hubs for the races inhabiting them.

The Class Of Your Choice - Choose to play as a Champion, Reaver, Magus, Mystic, Cabalist, Ranger and more!

A Lively World - Encounter hundreds of interactive characters and monsters.

Unique PvP - Test your skills against other players with non-lethal dueling. Fight to the death against your faction's enemies in our fully integrated Towers and Keeps world PvP system.

More Than Fighting - Practice various trade skills to help locate reagents, make and enhance custom items, acquire wealth through trade with other players, and more.

Never Bored - Enjoy hundreds of hours of gameplay with new quests, items, and adventures in static and instance areas.