Astro Empires is a space strategy browser game. The game runs on a persistent universe in real time. Astro Empires is a sci-fi space strategy genre, where you can join and play together with (or against) thousands of other real players from different parts of the world.Develop bases, research new technologies, trade with your neighbors, produce fleets, form alliances and engage into epic battles!

Astro Empires Key Features

Expand Your Intergalactic Empire - Your adventure begins with a base located in a planet in a unexplored galaxy. To be a great emperor you need to develop your base by constructing structures. As this is a persistent game your construction will take real time to complete.

Research - In order to construct advanced structures you need to research new technologies. There are many amazing technologies to discover!

You're Not Alone - Astro Empires has a vast universe, with hundreds of thousands of planets. Scout nearby astros and meet others players that might help or attack you...

Build Your Future - When you have mastered construction of your base you can start producing fleets for war campaigns, to increase your profits.Build many ship types to create your ideal fleet, from hordes of small units, to an armada of gigantic capital ships.

Alliances And Politics - To ensure survival on this Universe it's a good idea to make friends, especially join a guild to share protection. Alliances and politics are present in the game. Take part in massive wars with thousands of players and fight epic battles!