Battlerite Royale is a Battle Royale type shooter which follows in the footsteps of the popular Battlerite arena brawler. You and 19 other players enter a world 20 times the size of Battlerite's previous arena and fight to be the last one standing, but do it with all the characters, action, and fun fans of Battlerite have come to know and love. Featuring a roster of more than 20 characters and with more being released regularly, everyone can pick their favorite. Add in dozens of new items, weapons, vehicles, and more, and you've got a great Battle Royale experience. Fight to be the last hero standing, but don't take too long - like all Battle Royales, the world is shrinking and time is running out!

Battlerite Royale Key Features

Choose Your Hero - Take your pick of 20 of Battlerite's signature heroes. Each hero offers loads of unique abilities and advantages so pick your favorite and play to your strengths.

Fight For Your Life - 20 enter, only 1 can leave; can you make sure that one winner is you? Use cunning and savagery to thin down the competition and be the last hero standing.

Balance And Involvement - Battlerite Royale strives to be a well balanced game where player imput and feedback matters. Make your voice heard and help forge a better game!