BiteFight is a free to play Browser MMO that asks you to choose between playing a Vampire or Werewolf, then fight against the opposite species to increase your level and win the war for your side. The war between vampires and werewolves has been raging for centuries; it is up to you to decide who will win, once and for all! While BiteFight is primarily a text-based MMO, much of the gameplay is characterized using 2D and 3D images that help to both bring the world to life, and offer a unique sense of individuality when creating and playing your character. It falls to you, not only to prey upon the mortals who share the world with you, but to finally vanquish your age-old enemies once and for all, and propel your side to power!

BiteFight Key Features

Challenge Other Players - Compete against other players and defeat them to claim points, prizes, and glory. The world of BiteFight is no place for the weak; can you prove your strength in battle?

Join Or Form A Clan - Fight side by side with your friends, expand your clan's power and influence, and secure a place for yourself in this dark and dangerous realm.

Hunt Humans And Demons - Defeat creatures ranging from lowly humans to powerful demons, and increase your wealth and prestige. Your road is your own; which turns will you take?