Blade Hunter is a beat 'em up browser MMORPG in the tradition of arcade classics. Players choose one of three powerful classes – Valkyrie, Knight, and Rogue – and set off on a side-scrolling journey to unlock legendary combat techniques and stop the world from plunging into all-out war. Unlike many browser MMORPGs, Blade Hunter offers players direct (and remappable) keyboard control of their characters. A wide array of moves – from basic melee strikes, to brutal uppercuts, to devastating Bladesoul summons – can be freely strung together into multi-hit combos. It won't be easy, though! A huge bestiary of enemies inspired by myth and legend will try their best to prevent the Blade Hunters from succeeding in their quest. The largest enemies of all – fire-breathing dragons, gargantuan golems, and screen-spanning sea monsters – will challenge new fans, beat 'em up enthusiasts, and MMORPG veterans alike!

Blade Hunter Key Features

Classic Arcade Action - A classic beat 'em up action your browser!

Choose Your Path - Three unique classes bring the pain with hard-hitting special moves

Crazy Combos – launch your enemies into the air and keep them there

Powerful Bosses - Screen-spanning bosses put your action skills to the test

Play Your Way - Adventure solo or bring friends along for the ride

Get The Gear - Grab weapons and mounts from the environment to deal extra damage

Unlock Powerful Skills And Items - Craft legendary swords to unlock powerful Bladesoul summons

Climb The Ladder - Track your performance with level ratings; earn an SSS rating for top rewards!

PvP - Duel in the Arena for fame and fortune, and prove yourself in the ultimate test of strength!