BLESS, also known as Bless Online, is a brilliant epic fantasy MMORPG from Neowiz which centers on an ongoing war between two warring factions. Created by a team of more than 150 world-renowned game developers and designers, the vast and incredibly detailed world of BLESS is painstakingly brought to life by pushing the boundaries of what's possible through the award-winning Unreal Engine 3 graphics technology. Soak in the sights and completely immerse yourself in this living, breathing world full of rich lore and history. Create your character and choose from one of nearly 10 races and 8 classes, and set off for adventure and excitement!

BLESS Key Features

Immersive Experience - From the free aiming combat mode to the breathtaking graphics, BLESS provides an experience that you will not soon forget! Explore alone or with friends, seek out forgotten treasures, and discover the secrets of this vast and mysterious land.

Pick Your Side - Forces from the continent of Hieron and from the continent of Union go head to head to decide the fate of the world. Which path will you choose, and how fiercely will you fight for your home and people?

Many Character Options - Choose a race and class and set off on an adventure; which path will you take? Will you follow the path of a nimble Sylvan Elf Ranger, or will you stand fast as a Lupus Guardian? With hundreds of class/race combinations, you can choose a mix that is truly you!