Brawl Busters is a free to play online action game brought to us by the same team who developed MicroVolts. The game takes a focus on melee combat, drawing away from its third-person shooter cousin, while maintaining its cartoony visuals. Players will participate in session based matches in 2 game modes, or together in a Zombie Survival mode. The game offers 5 unique classes which can be customized with different body types, outfits and weapons. Competing on 5 different urban themed maps, this action packed game will keep you on your toes as you obtain power ups, destroy your surroundings and use devastating combos on your enemy. Take a break and play single-player missions, level up and obtain new outfits or see how many waves you can survive in Zombie mode. There is plenty available for players in this high quality action game from the creators of MicroVolts.

Brawl Busters Key Features

Explore Mega City - Explore the world of Mega City and uncover the secrets it hides, and fight off the forces of darkness!

Save The World - Fight off a range of potent enemies, from zombies to thugs, and save Mega City from certain destruction.

Fantastic Weapons - Use powerful Glow enhanced weapons to knock zombies into next year! The five unique classes can each be outfitted with different weapons, outfits, and more.