CrimeCraft Gang Wars is a 3D Shooter Game similar to many titles in the MMOFPS genre, except that it's played in the third-person perspective and offers a story-driven MMORPG experience alongside its traditional room-based shooter play. Most MMOFPS games simply offer an arena for shooter play, but CrimeCraft is an entirely different experience. In CrimeCraft, you create a character, complete quests alone and with other players, and compete in vicious Player vs. Player arenas with upgraded weapons and equipment while following an episodic story that takes the FPS genre further than ever before. Can you build a reputation for yourself in the dangerous criminal underworld of Sunrise City?

CrimeCraft Gang Wars Key Features

Fight For Turf - Enter into a Territory War with rival gangs and duke it out in battle for control of all of the instance that are spread throughout Sunrise City.

Tournaments - Every day, Sunrise City offers its residents the chance to enter in tournaments. These 4 vs 4 player tournaments test the players personal skill, as well as the skill to work with others as a team in combat. Tournaments take place three times a day.

Join A Gang - Form or join a gang with other players, and work together to secure your turf and rights. Fight against rival gangs, who will do their best to take everything you built!