Cross Fire is a Free-to-Play MMOFPS featuring four game modes, nine maps and dozens of unique weapons. Featuring fast twitch-based gameplay similar to Counter-Strike players are always kept in the action. The game involves two International Mercenary Forces Corporations who are at war with each other. Players assume the role of either a Black List terrorist or Global Risk mercenary, and then join an online team that must work together to complete objective-based scenarios.

Black List is a mercenary corporation that mainly takes on assignments on behalf of rebel groups and terrorists. It is not known as to who founded this military organization. Although they are publicly known as a corporation, no official registration documents can be found anywhere, making them not answerable to any country’s law. Some sources mention this organization is backed by a major player in the diamond market in Britain. As it mainly takes on missions from countries with lower political power, missions are usually targeted on countries such as the US and the UK. Although it may seem like a simple mercenary corporation that supports terrorists, Black List actually stands on its own conviction with the mentality of ‘Might makes right’, representing interests for countries with lower political power. Many talented operatives of the Black List originate from the Middle Eastern regions such as Palestine.

Global Risk was first established by Sir Alexander Llyod, an ex-operative from the Elite British special-ops team, SAS that was later transformed into a corporation by an Australian-American business, Michael Norman. In keeping with the founding values of Sir Alexander Lloyd, the Commander and Director, this organization carries out counter-terrorist operations and secret missions throughout the world to help maintain world peace. However, some criticize Global Risk as being a profit-driven corporation that is nothing more than a puppet on a string held under the financial strength of world powers. In fact, a significant number of competent operatives were seen deserting missions with the peace logic of world powers like the US and the UK. GRX, a Global Risk’s special force branch mainly carries out joint operations with the UN X-Files Bureau, where the Bureau does the planning whilst GRX carries them out in utmost secrecy.

Cross Fire Key Features

Choose Your Character - You can play as a SWAT member or a Navy SEAL, a member of the SAS, a mercenary, and more.

Loads of Weapons - Sniper rifles, machine guns, pistols, SMGS... whatever you want to use is here.

Many Modes - More than 20 different game modes ensure you will never get bored! From classic deathmatch to Super Soldier, Mutant vs. Ghost, and zombie hunting modes, Cross Fire has it all.