Dark Eden is a free to play dark fantasy MMORPG which places the character into the midst of an eons-old war between humans, vampires, and the ancient ousters. In the Eastern European nation of Eslania, in the mountainous region of Helea, the infamous vampires Vlad Tepes, Elizabeth Bathory, and Gilles de Rais create a permanent darkness, blocking out the sun. They then begin to kill all the humans in the region. The humans begin to fight back, and specially trained Slayers show the vampires that mankind will not go down without a fight. The conflict awakens the ancient Ousters, who are so displeased with what the humans and vampires have done to their homeland, that they decide to eliminate them both. Who will you fight for?

Dark Eden Key Features

Made For PvP - You can choose race freely from Vampire, Slayer and Ousters, and then get into the fight. With the exception of a few small safe zones, you can attack - and be attacked by - other players anywhere in the game world. From small scale turf wars, to random skirmishes, to full-scale guild vs guild assaults, Dark Eden is all about player vs player action.

Faction Matters - Vampires and Ousters use a level-based advancement system, while Slayers use a skill system. They all develop uniquely; Vampires and Ousters have 40 and 70 skills and spells respectively. Slayers have about 100 types of skills and spells.

Watch The Clock - Changes in day and night are not limited to vision distance and background scenery. The time of the day actually effects the strengths and capabilities of the various races. Vampires become stronger in the night, while Slayers and Ousters become stronger during day.