Dead by Daylight is a asymmetrical survival and action horror PvP game which immerses four players into the role of slasher-flick victims... and the fifth in the role of the slasher. The killer in Dead by Daylight is unstoppable, supernatural, and immensely powerful; As a survivor, you can team up and work with others to escape before he finds you, or you can go it alone, and hope he's too busy killing the others to come after you. Killers come from all sorts of backgrounds, ranging from unstoppable slashers to paranormal entities, and each one has unique powers and strengths. As the Killer, it is your job to hunt down and destroy these mewling vermin before they escape! Do you have the courage to hunt the smartest prey, or fight the smartest predator? Or will you wind up Dead by Daylight?

Dead by Daylight Key Features

Random World - The world of Dead by Daylight is procedurally generated, so it's never the same experience twice! Survivors must really search for helpful items and a way out, and Killers must seek out their victims; you will never know what to expect.

Deep Progression System - Characters advance through skills during play, just like they might in a traditional MMO or FPS. Use your skills, your gear, and your experience to advance through the ranks, and you just might learn the secrets of this dark and terrifying world

Varied Killers - Killers come from all sorts of sources, and their abilities are as diverse as they are terrifying. Track down, break, and kill these fools who dare intrude in your home!