Dead Frontier 2 is a free to play survival horror MMO which takes the survival horror genre to an entire new level. Following an outbreak which has decimated the Earth, isolated pockets of survivors scratch out a living among the darkness. You need to scavenge for materials and supplies, work together with other players, and be ever watchful for dangers if you hope to survive. Dead Frontier 2 is not just another shooter involving zombies; survival is the number one component of gameplay. Staying healthy and safe is far more important than killing zombies or other players.

Dead Frontier 2 Key Features

True Survival Horror - Dead Frontier 2 focuses on survival and the day to day struggles of life, not shooting zombies or other players.

Never The Same - The world is procedurally generated, and it and the missions reset daily. The game is new, every day.

Hunt Rare Loot - Equipment can be found with amazing properties. A single item can increase your power significantly.

Unique Characters - Create a unique character by choosing from an array of skills and gear. Customize your avatar and set off for terror

Player-driven Economy - Buy and sell with other players. Will you corner the market and make a fortune?

True Free-To-Play - Spending real money will never give you a gameplay advantage. Only cosmetics and utility upgrades are sold for real money.