Dead Maze is a free to play isometric 2D zombie survival MMO set in a destroyed world very much like ours, except that it is full of zombies! In order to survive, you need to work together to explore what is left of the world after the zombie apocalypse. You must carefully monitor your health and food, as any injury or illness could be fatal. To have the best chances at survival, you must scavenge for resources and materials, and use what you find to craft as many life-saving supplies as possible. This is a kill or be killed kind of world, but make no mistake; there is a story behind all of the killing and dying. Can you make it to the end of the Dead Maze?

Dead Maze Key Features

Face The Horde - Use any of more than 500 different kinds of weapons to bash, slash, and smash your way through zombies. Remember to employ hit and run tactics to avoid being overwhelmed.

Choose Your Role - You have complete freedom of choice over what type of character you play, thanks to diverse skills, gear, and items. Play DPS, a healer, a tank, or a hybrid role, anytime.

Strength In Numbers - Dead Maze is a cooperative MMO, with players working together toward a better future. Cooperate to restore civilization, improve your own camp, and unveil the dark narrative of the apocalypse.

Manage Your Health - Your hunger, thirst, and fatigue levels need to be carefully managed. Your gauges do not deplete over time, but as you perform actions, so if you just wanna chat, you can do so without fear - or hunger!

Build A Camp Of Your Own - Build your own sheltered home amidst the apocalypse. You can build new furniture to decorate, raise crops and animals for extra food, and just relax in safety and comfort.