Dead Rivals is a free to play zombie-themed mobile MMOARPG featuring intense shooter action, PvE and PvP gameplay, and more zombies than you can count. A zombie apocalypse has reduced the world to a desolate wasteland, and you are one of the few survivors remaining who can still fight back. It is up to you to journey deep into the wastelands and find the source of the zombie plague, and perhaps end the threat once and for all! Along the way, you'll have loads of chances to team up with other players - or to fight against them! Choose your class, customize your character, and get into the fight!

Dead Rivals Key Features

Vast Open World - Dead Rivals is one of only a handful of mobile games which features a sandbox style open world. You are free to explore and travel as you wish!

Customize Your Character - Choose from three different classes, and then customize your character's appearance. You can then further customize your character by selecting skills for the job at hand!

MMORPG Gameplay - Explore the world, complete quests, get to know the locals and the factions, take on powerful bosses, seek out epic loot - all the MMORPG features you crave are here.

Multiplayer Mayhem - You can team up with other players to take on special coop challenges, or fight against your rivals in intense PvP matches.

Your Own Zombie Horde - Build a shelter and then raise your own zombie horde to protect it. Or, if you're feeling particularly vicious, turn your zombies loose on your fellow players to steal their stuff!