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Deadbreed Deadbreed Deadbreed Deadbreed Deadbreed


Deadbreed is a creepy-themed, action packed Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game with RPG features. The game will appeal to gamers that want a deep, hardcore gaming experience and greater influence on how their character looks but more importantly plays. The hero customization factor is a major strategic and tactical game play element as you’ll figure out what equipment and play style/s work best for each of your heroes – should you play her/him as a melee warrior, ranged archer or perhaps a wizard, or are you skillful enough to adapt your hero build during the matches to counter what the enemy team is building?

Deadbreed Key Features

Intense PvP – 3vs3 PvP (player versus player) battles online.

New Breed Of Heroes – Each Hero has its own unique set of abilities but plays differently depending on the way you equip them.

Heroes Level Up – Earn experience to rank up the heroes you favor.

Pimp Your Gear – Artifacts can be socketed with gems that level up and wear down with games.

Powerful Allies – Summon totem creatures to aid you in battle.

RPG Elements – PvE (player versus environment) features like quests, dungeons with malicious creatures, mini-bosses and loot.

Endgame – A team chosen Sentinel becomes the endgame boss challenge. The outcome of each game affects each player’s standing with the Sentinels and their power.

Show Your Stuff – A ‘Ranked’ mode where games allow you to test your skills against opponents of comparable skill.

Try Them All – ‘Free-to-play’ Keys that drop as in-game loot allows you to try out Heroes, Artifacts and Totems you don’t own.



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