Dogma: Eternal Night is a dark gothic horror sandbox MMORPG where players take on the role of a vampire, trying to survive in a modern, dystopic urban jungle. Players in Dogma: Eternal Night become one of the unliving, a new member of a vast community of other undead who stalk the night and try to conceal their existence, movements, and machinations from mortals. With a single, shared server, a dynamic world that is shaped and directed by player choices and events, and the risk of permanent character death, Dogma: Eternal Night delivers all the darkness and dread you could desire; are you prepared to face the Eternal Night?

Dogma: Eternal Night Game Features

Single Shared Server - Players in Dogma: Eternal Night will all dwell on a single dynamic, massive shared server; no need to worry about being on the same server as friends or getting stuck on an inactive server! Player actions will influence the direction of the world at large; everyone has an impact!

Many Factions, Many Roles - Vampiric factions known as Sabbaths control vampire society; will you become a member of Cruor Corporation and seek control through mastery of arcane magical powers, or perhaps the Orthodox Theocracy and gain influence through religion and social control?

No Character Boundaries - No classes, or levels, or other restrictions are placed on characters during creation or gameplay. Your character develops exactly as you want them to, in response to actual gameplay styles and actions.

Permadeath - While rare, characters in Dogma: Eternal Night can find themselves facing the ultimate end; permanent death. Play smart, and you just might live forever.

Gritty World That Mirrors Reality - The world in Dogma: Eternal Night, rendered by the powerful Unity 5 engine, has the same cities and monuments in the same places as our own, but it is a reflection of reality through a very dark mirror; from the narrow confines of dark urban streets to the stars overheard, everything reflects the paranoia and fear that pervade the world.