Dragonica, also known as Dragonica Online and known widely in the West as Dragon Saga, is a 2D/3D side-scrolling MMORPG with hundreds of quests, an in-depth dungeon system, and fun, fast-paced gameplay. Dragonica initially offers 4 traditional class choices: the deadly Archer, the mystical Magician, the cunning Thief, and the stout, stalwart Warrior. This choice of classes is further deepened upon reaching level 20, when you are asked to choose between one of two sub-classes specific to your original class choice, and can then begin to tailor your class to suit your own specific style! Who will you be, and what are you waiting for?

Dragonica Key Features

Choose Your Class - Select from Warrior, Magician, Archer, and Thief, and learn to master their unique skills and abilities!

Pets, Pets, Pets - Collect diverse pets that provide bonuses from stat boosts to extra inventory slots, and serve functions from mounts to combat companions!

Decorate Your Home - Decorate your own private home with special furniture that provides in game buffs! Now, relaxing at home is more rewarding than ever before!

Adventure Awaits - Explore and join with other players to confront mission map bosses, and defeat them for loot and xp!

Improve Your Gear - Enchant and Soulcraft your equipment, and be ready to face all challenges!