Driftland: The Magic Revival is a unique game that combines features of real time 4X strategy and world creation games in a mysterious and magical world made up of scattered islands. You find yourself on a shattered planet held together only by powerful magical forces, but those forces are fading, and the warring beings who destroyed the world are long gone. However, all is not lost; magic has returned to the realm, and you are one of those new wizards. You have the power to save and reshape this shattered world, but beware! The old rivalries which caused the last war have also returned, and history may indeed repeat itself.

Driftland: The Magic Revival Key Features

Single Player And Multiplayer - Play through a single player campaign mode, and learn about the world and your newfound power. Then, play in multiplayer matches against other would-be rulers. Who will lead this broken world into its next age?

Strategy Standards - You must explore the world, discovering pockets of resources you can use to construct new buildings. Expand your empire by annexing new islands and regions. Beware - there will be hostiles to fight, and the changing landscape will offer no end of tactical challenges.

Rebuild The World - You are a mage overlord with your own castle, tower, and a small realm on one of the islands. Your task is to explore the procedurally generated world and expand your kingdom by adjoining more and more islands together.

Experience The Saga - Every game is different, thanks to procedural generation of the world around you. As you play, you're free to focus on your goals, not on micromanaging your units; they will perform their jobs all on their own. After all, that's why you recruited them!

Magical Power - Move and reshape the islands floating around you. Tame and ride powerful dragons and other fantastic creatures. Explore the world and lead your forces to conquest and greatness. Driftland: The Magic Revival is much more than just another RTS.