Free-to-play browser MMORPG Eternal Fury has been reborn, proving that it truly is eternal. The anime-style RPG/SLG hybrid is steeped in mythology and filled with gods, angels and mythic beasts. And with Eternal Fury: Resurrected, brand new content points in the form of dungeons, maps and minigames have been introduced.

The supernatural story of Eternal Fury: Reborn sees the Norse goddess of the underworld, Hel, attempting to overthrow the powers of the Divine Realm. Through turn-based battles, hero customisation and team-building, players must join forces with the gods and angels themselves to drive back the hellish denizens.

The stakes are high as the demonic forces of Hel threaten all of life itself. But divine powers are at the players' disposal. The only question is how they will be used.

Key Features

Striking Visuals - Celestial settings demand marvellous graphics. A gorgeously drawn anime art style complements dynamic animations and 3D-rendered battlefields. A sprawling open world begs to be explored as players plunder dungeons and uncover all-new mysterious locales.

Compelling Rewards - A treasure trove of brand new rewards await including powerful gear with which to kit out your hero. By completing the many tasks that await each day, players can reap the benefits necessary to weather the oncoming hell storm.

Join Guilds or Battle - A comprehensive guild system works to connect players from around the world. Make new friends and work together or engage in invigorating PvP battles in the arena.

Exciting Minigames - Levelling and battling is only half of the fun. In addition to the SLG elements of Eternal Fury: Resurrected, myriad minigames await with added bonuses to enjoy. Take a breather from the fury of the battlefield and enjoy some beneficial R&R.

Summon Divine Powers - Powerful gear and dazzling spells can only get you so far. By recruiting goddesses and divine beings to fight by their side, players can clinch victory from the mythical powers that stand in their way.